Mack and Mike in the morning

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Outtakes 1

🤖 Episode 20: Superintelligence and morality

Mack and Mike talk about how a potential super-intelligent AI would deal with morality.

Published on Mar 04 2019

🧙 Episode 19: David and Mike in the morning

David and Mike talk about how they learn, their learning philosophies, and how they think about tackling complex problems.

Published on Feb 25 2019

🎬 Episode 18: The hero's journey

In this behind the scenes, BONUS episode, David and Mack and Mike discuss the hero's journey in modern cinema.

Published on Feb 18 2019

🎥 Episode 17: David's Podcast (part 2)

In part 2, Mack and Mike and David talk about external validation and the profoundness of Christopher Nolan movies. Spoilers await our listeners.

Published on Feb 11 2019

🎙 Episode 16: David's Podcast (part 1)

Mack and Mike are joined by the host of David's podcast. They talk about meditation, being able to sit still, and how David comes up with subjects to talk about on David's podcast

Published on Feb 4 2019

💭 Episode 15: Self-actuation

Mack and Mike talk about Mack's self-actualization process and how they determine if something is meaningful.

Show notes:
Mack's vlog

Published on Jan 28 2019

😴 Episode 14: The One where they're really tired

Mack and Mike talk about Mack's morning routine and how he pumps himself up for the day while getting only 4 hours of sleep.

Show notes:
Mack's vlog
Spongebob, we threw out his name

Published on Jan 21 2019

🧠 Episode 13: Grey matter

In a Friday fireside chat, Mack and Mike talk about what it means to be "productive" all of the time.

Show notes:
Mack's vlog
Patrick Starr's Enigma brain

Published on Jan 14 2019

🐐 Episode 12: Tuesdays with Mergen

In the thrilling conclusion to this two part episode, Mack and Mike discuss with Mergen about how his nomadic Mongolian roots clash with modern Western society. Also, Mergen talks about how the movie, Black Panther, resonated with him.

Published on Jan 07 2019

🎉 Episode 11: New Year, Better Mack

Mack and Mike talk about their New Year Resolutions with this week's guest, Mergen. They also reminisce about how they remember years in their lives. Finally, Mack talks about the upcoming season 2 of his popular vlog.

Show notes:
Mack's Youtube channel

Published on Jan 07 2019

🙏 Episode 10: Losing our Religion

Mack and Mike talk about their personal journeys with religion with this week's guest, Jim. Also, Mike and Jim discover a shocking coincidence of birth about themselves.

Published on Dec 22 2018

🍜 Episode 9: Happiness and productivity

In this episode, Mack loses his voice and forgets his mic. Then they talk about if being productive leads to happiness or vice versa. Then they touch on Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Published on Dec 13 2018

🍜 Episode 8: RGNs: Really Good Noodles

Mack and Mike talk about efficient forms of government. Then they talk about what they have been up to during the podcast hiatus. Mike talks about his recent trip to Hong Kong. Finally, they talk about their recent board game obsessions.

Published on Dec 3 2018

💡 Episode 7: Dreams, the Regents exams, and a lotta rambling on politics

Mack and Mike talk about their dreams and dreaming. They go on a brief tangent about the New York State Regents exams. Then they talk about politics and the upcoming midterm 2018 elections. Finally Mack talks about Beto O'Rourke and unconscious bias.

Published on Nov 3 2018

🎃 Episode 6: Harry & Hermoine and Malapropisms

In the first half of this episode, Mack and Mike are joined by their co-worker, Roxana. They talk about Internet reviews, shipping, and the Harry Potter OTP. Mack and Mike then read malapropisms off of the Internet.

Show notes:
Mack's vlog

Published on Oct 31 2018

📱 Episode 5: You should do what you want, I don't care

Mack reviews the new iPhone XS. Mack and Mike rate their latest SF trip. They then delve into how they prioritize tasks in their lives. Finally Mack rants about his new productivity hack.

Show notes:

Published on Oct 21 2018

🛌 Episode 4: Good habits, bad habits

Mack and Mike discuss the best season of The Office (US). Mike tells Mack about his morning routine. Finally they wonder if habits are fundamentally at odds with NIN.

Show notes:

Published on Oct 04 2018

📝 Episode 3: Remember words a lot

Mack and Mike talk about how language affects thought patterns, the purpose of grammar, the role of AI in writing and sports.

Show notes:
xkcd: Sports

Published on Sept 29 2018

🎥 Episode 2: Serious life business

First, Mack and Mike talk about Mack's life as a popular vlogger and how he tries to maintain control over his life narrative. Then, they delve into how human memories, technology, and the New Experience Initiative (NIN) are altering their lives and decisions. They also get a new theme song and sponsor.

Show notes:
Mack's Youtube channel

Published on Sept 21 2018

🏃 Episode 1: Running for office and running a marathon

Mack and Mike weigh in on Cuomo vs Nixon and their thoughts on running. Also Mike reviews Airpods.

Published on Sept 13 2018

🎈 Episode 0: The New Experience Initiative (NIN)

Mack and Mike talk about their new experience initiative.

Published on Sept 08 2018